Building on our “ALL IN” campaign and “Master’s Plan” from the past, we are declaring that
WE ARE ALL IN for our 2022-23 Fundraising Campaign!

This is an exciting time in the life of our church as we plan to upgrade our beautiful facilities and worship spaces, reduce the debt, and continue to add to our endowment funds.


Through 6/1/22 – 5/31/23, I will pledge the following:

$ total amount for commitment
*I understand that once the goal of $50,000 has been met in any of the four projects, donations to that project will begin to be divided equally among all four projects.
$ total amount for commitment



There is no better return on an investment as giving to the local church. Please see the many options below on how to give to the mission, vision, and future of Collierville UMC.  We have ways for you to set up automated giving, pledge giving for specific campaigns, as well as one time and gift giving.

Thank you for your continued financial support and generosity to further God’s Mission and

Vision through Collierville UMC! Here are multiple options for you to utilize at this time:

– US Mail: 454 W. Poplar, Collierville, TN 38017

– Online Giving:

– Church Center App: Click on “Give” button at the bottom of Home page – Download this app on your Apple or Android device.

Your gifts really make a difference every day of every week! Thank you for being a blessing.

Defying Gravity Letter

Take a Leap Chart


On Sunday, September 25th, we ask that each of you who call this church your home return a Pledge Card or fill one out below for the coming year in any of our three worship services. Here is what I have discovered: generosity does not happen by accident. It requires planning. It has to be a goal. It has to fit into a budget. 

Between now and September 25th please diligently pray about your giving, talk about your goals for generosity, and take a moment to reflect upon what offering you plan to give to God through our church in the coming year.

We also encourage you to consider giving your weekly or monthly pledge online. The consistency and reliability of an automatic payment immensely helps with the day in and day out functions of church work and takes the pressure off of you to remember a check book. To set this up, visit

$ total amount for commitment

You may recall stories from Rev. David’s years growing up in Halls, TN with his grandparents. He never complained yet from his stories, we knew that they had financial hardship. Rev. Susan Allsop-Atkinson shares that David so badly wished to get out of seminary debt free, that he held down three jobs and at times ate peanut butter and crackers for meals. Therefore, the establishment of a “Seminary Scholarship” in Rev. David’s memory seems most appropriate and something Rev. David would think worthy of our efforts. In this way, his legacy will help those called into the ministry by reducing the burden of educational cost.

We invite you to join us in this heartfelt lasting tribute to Rev. David G. Atkinson by choosing options below that are most in line with your wishes.

Seminary Scholarship Pledge

In addition to my regular offerings, I will pledge and continue to give the following amount to the Rev. David G. Atkinson Seminary Scholarship.
$ amount for pledge