Rev. David Atkinson – “Unpacking the Vision: Pray, Do, Give”

On Sunday, June 9th, Rev. David Atkinson gave each of us a one-year challenge that he feels will help us as a church move toward fulfilling the Vision that God has given us to “Reach out to transform lives by extending God’s love to all.” Here are the three things we are challenged to do over the next year:

1. PRAY for God to REVEAL the family (individual) that you are to reach out and extend God’s love to.

2. DO then become a SHEPHERD for one year for this family, establishing a relationship and allowing Christ to work and speak through you.

3. GIVE generously to your church and specifically tithe or work toward tithing (10% of income). In this way there will be no need to mention money in worship when our new friends and families come as our guests.

Over the next months we will share more tools that will be helpful for you as you PRAY for God to REVEAL a family and begin to reach out to them as a SHEPHERD. Please share with us how your prayer journey and embracing of a family is going and don’t hesitate to call upon your trusted staff and pastors for help at any time. Our goal is to embrace Collierville and this area like we have never done before, so that … more and more lives can be transformed by God!

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