Sunday Morning Adult Education

Every Sunday we offer classes for all ages to enhance your spiritual journey.


Save Our Souls (SOS) | Bride’s Room
This class engages in a variety of studies in both presentation and discussion format. 

Jeannie Jones | | (901) 826-5069



Loving Hearts Class | Missions Center
The Loving Hearts Sunday School class is lovingly organized for young adults and adults, ages 13 and up, with special needs. We meet every Sunday morning for fun and fellowship at 9:30 am. 

John Duncan | | (901) 457-9325


GIFT (Growing in Faith Together) | Room 214
This class has a mix of members mostly in their 30’s and 40’s who are married, single, divorced, with and without kids from birth to high school. GIFT is a discussion -based community group covering a wide range of studies and topics. Intentionally designed to be welcoming to all.  

Nicholas Brown | | (414) 217-5053


Faith | Room 103/104
A class for adults seeking to know God through Bible study, prayer, and discussion. Faith comes together to build faith, wisdom, and courage to move boldly into the world to share Jesus. 

Shirley Roach | | (901) 853-8081

New Beginnings | Room 101B
This class dives into the Bible exploring places, facts, people, and stories that form the pillars of our faith. 

Jay Jeffries | | (901) 854-6243

Cornerstone | Room 109/110
This class of dynamic people, both married and single, alternate between studies of the Bible and studies that help apply Biblical principles to our roles as parents, employees, caregivers, and spouses. New teachers are always welcomed. 

Scot Woodard | | (901) 489-5071 and
Sam Cox | | (901) 258-5192

Sonrisers | Room 107/108
This supportive and welcoming class is for adults who seek to encounter God in their walk through the books of the Bible. 

Bob Moore | | (901) 484-4970

Sojourners | Room 105
This class uses Adult Bible Studies to better understand scripture for in-depth discussions. 

Bill Daniels | | (901) 497-4334

Emmaus | Room 106
This class engages in in-depth discussions of how to implement biblical teachings in everyday life. 

Mark Aune | | (901) 896-7587


Parables | Room 100
This exciting class engages in book discussions on Biblical and contemporary issues and how they impact our daily Christian walk.

Glen Tedford | | (901) 239-1193

Agape | Room 102
The definition of Agape is “the special love of Christ.” Members of the Agape Class attempt to show this love through prayer, friendship, faith, and missions. The class enjoys Biblically inspired discussions relating to Christianity today. The class welcomes members of any age but the majority of the class is over 55. 

Ron Lipe | | (901) 861-0623

Open Door | Room 19
This class is for spirit-filled, ‘more mature’ adults who love the Lord and each other and who want to continue to learn and serve. Follows the Adult Bible Studies. 

Bob Loyd | | (901) 861-1138

Christian Fellowship | Room 22
This class uses Adult Bible Studies resources to encourage, inspire, and engage one another in lively discussions. 

Herman Heuberger (901) 853-7206

Ladies Bible Study | Bride’s Room
This class is for senior ladies who love the Lord and want to learn how to apply God’s teachings in their life and the lives of their families. 

Francis Hinton (901) 853-0776



Nursery (Opens at 8:15 am)

Join us for creative, multi-sensory teaching that immerses kids in deep Bible learning, helping them to know Jesus personally and grow in relationship with him. Boys and girls Preschool-fifth grade may join us for an exciting time of learning on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30 a.m. Parents will check their children in to their grade appropriate rooms.

Kids will:

  • Check into their grade appropriate rooms
  • Have a fun introductory activity with their friends
  • Come to the large group gathering for songs and the Bible lesson
  • Discuss how the Bible lesson pertains to their individual lives

Directions: Come in the Children’s Ministry entrance on the East side of the Poplar Campus. Turn right for Preschool, K-2nd grade, turn left for 3rd-5th grade classes

Contact Cindy Lamb


The Student Center is located upstairs in the Ministry Building. An elevator and stairs are located in the Garden Lobby.

  • Confirmation Class – Room 208/209-210
  • Middle School 6th – 8th – Room 215
  • High School Girls 9th-12th – Room 206/207
  • High School Boys 9th – 12th – Room 204/205

Rev. Dr. Deborah Suddarth | | (901) 853-8383