Baptism is at the heart of who we are as Christians.
In baptism we acknowledge our need for God’s redemptive forgiveness in our lives, our hope in Christ’s return, and the promise of eternal life.  It is how we are added to the body of Christ.  Through baptism we enter into a covenant with God, initiated by God’s love and grace.  When infants are baptized, parents, sponsors, and the church make a commitment to raise the child up in the community of believers.  Baptism in the United Methodist tradition can be done at any age. It is an acceptance, either by the parents or by a person able to answer for themselves, of God’s prevenient and justifying grace — God’s grace offered freely to all people whether or not they are aware of it.  Baptism is the beginning of a life-long journey of discipleship, growth in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

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