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Sunday Morning Adult Education

Every Sunday we offer classes for all ages to enhance your spiritual journey.


Nursery (Opens at 8:15am.)
  • Birth to 18 months: Room 12
  • 19 months to 3 years: Room 10

Parents, stop by the Gallery of the Children’s Ministry Center to check-in your kids.

  • 3-5 Preschool
  • Kindergarten
  • First grade
  • Second grade
  • Third grade
  • Fourth/ fifth-grade girls
  • Fourth/ fifth-grade boys

Contact Cindy Lamb


  • 6th Grade students
  • “Collaborate” Curriculum
  • Meets in Room 200
7th – 8th Grades
  • Meets in Room 204/205
9th – Seniors
  • Meets in Room 206/207

Contact Cathy Larsen

Young Adults

Covenant Class
  • This class of young parents, young couples, working professionals and singles in their 30’s seek how to best serve God through our families, relationships, and jobs using short-term Bible studies and the weekly sermon texts.
  • Meets in Room 21  |  Poplar Location
Growing in Faith Together (G.I.F.T.)
  • This class has all ages, married, single, families with kids from preschool to high school. Discussion based study group covering a wide range of topics. Designed to be a short or long-term group for anyone. Come for the current book/study and stay for the next.
  • Meets in Room 214 (Ministry Center) 2nd Floor  |  Poplar Location

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Special Needs

Loving Hearts Class
  • This class is designed for people 13 or older with special needs.
  • Meets in the Mission Center  |  Poplar Location

Middle Aged Adults

Faith Class
  • A class for middle-aged adults seeking to know God through Bible study, prayer, and discussion.
  • Meets in Room 103/104  |  Poplar Location
Emmaus Class
  • This class engages in in-depth discussions of how to implement biblical teachings in the everyday life.
  • Meets in Room 106  |  Poplar Location
New Beginnings
  • This class dives into the Bible exploring places, facts, people and stories that form the pillars of our faith.
  • Meets in Room 101B  |  Poplar Location
Cornerstone / Wesley Class
  • This class alternates between studies of the Bible and studies that help apply Biblical principles to our roles as parents, employees, caregivers and spouses.
  • Meets in Room 109/110  |  Poplar Location
Sojourners Class
  • This class uses adult Bible study resources to better understand scripture for in-depth discussions.
  • Meets in Room 105  |  Poplar Location
Sonrisers Class
  • This class age range is middle-age adults who seek to encounter God in their walk through the books of the Bible.
  • Meets in Room 107/108  |  Poplar Location
Parables Class
  • This exciting class engages in book discussions on Biblical and contemporary issues and how they impact our daily Christian walk.
  • Meets in Room 100  |  Poplar Location
Agape Class
  • This class enjoys biblically inspired discussions relating to Christianity today.
  • Meets in Room 102  |  Poplar Location
Save Our Souls
  • This class engages in a variety of studies in both presentation and discussion format.
  • Meets in the Bride’s Room  |  Town Square Location

Senior Adults

Open Door Class
  • This class is for seniors who want to continue to learn and serve.
  • Meets in Room 19  |  Poplar Location
Christian Fellowship Class
  • This class uses adult Bible study resources to encourage, inspire and engage one another in lively discussions.
  • Meets in Room 22  |  Poplar Location
Ladies Bible Class
  • This class is for senior ladies who love the Lord and want to learn how to apply His teachings in their life and the lives of their families.
  • Meets in the Bride’s Room  |  Poplar Location

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