Faith Class

(Ages 35 and Up, Singles) – Room 104
Couples and singles are invited to visit the class for those not plugged into a class already or those seeking a new option. The class studies Scripture and the writings of modern day Christian Leaders to find words that encourage Christians, strengthen our faith, and provide us the wisdom to and courage to move boldly into the world to share our faith.  For additional information contact Chris Pepple at looktoseeme@gmail.com.

New Beginnings Class

(Ages 40s to 60s, Couples and Singles) – Room 101
Dive into the Bible and explore places, facts, people and stories that are pillars of our faith. Led by Danny Barnwell and Jay Jeffries, this class is also connected to Breakfast with Santa, the Ronald McDonald House, St. John’s Soup Kitchen, Reelfoot Ministries, Sponsor a Family at Christmas, Youth in Missions, Rio Bravo and Itza Buck.

Parables Class

(Ages 40 and Up, Couples and Singles) – Room 100
Facilitated by Bob Vornbrock and John Bonk, this exciting class will engage you in book discussions on Biblical and contemporary issues that affect our daily Christian walk. Join them not only for study, but also for outreach programs they support such as St. John’s Soup Kitchen, Reelfoot Ministries, Church Health Center, Food Pantry, Collierville Project Graduation, Rio Bravo and Hogar Montaña.

Sojourners Class

(Ages 40s to 60s, Couples and Singles) - Room 105
If you like in-depth Bible discussions, this is the class for you. Led by Bill Daniels, the Sojourners follow the Adult Bible Studies resource as a guide to a better understanding of Scripture. They also support ministries such as St. John’s Soup Kitchen, Rio Bravo and Holy Community After School Program.

Agape Class

(Ages 55 and Up, Couples and Singles) - Room 102
As its name suggests, this is a warm and friendly class that enjoys praying, studying and socializing together. We are led by a rotating team of teachers. The Bible is central to the inspirational discussions on topics that relate to Christianity today. We support mission projects both locally and internationally.


Christian Fellowship Class

(Ages 70s and Up, Couples and Singles) – Room 22
This class enjoys lively discussions led by several teachers. They support the UM Health Center, St. Jude Hospital and Rio Bravo.

Ladies Bible Class

(Ages 70s and Up) – Bride’s Room
If you are a lady who loves the Lord and would like to know more about Him, join the Ladies Bible Class and learn how to apply His teachings into your life and into the lives of your family. This class also helps with the 1st Sunday offerings and wherever there is a need, especially during Christmas.

Open Door Class

(Ages 70s, Couples and Singles) – Dining Room 26/28
Spirit-filled, fun loving class of "more mature" adults who love the Lord and each other, this class follows the "Adult Bible Studies," an official UMC resource. Led by a team of church leaders, Open Door engages in mission projects and raises resources for charities in need.

Sonrisers Class

(Ages 60 and Up, Couples and Singles)- Room 107/108
Looking for a welcoming, supportive group of adults of all ages? Studying Rev. Earl David's books, "Jesus and the Gospel Timeline" and "The Eight Days of Holy Week," supporting Hogar Montana Children's Home, Page Robbins Alzheimer's Center, and other mission projects, while enjoying "out of the way" restaurants, potluck dinner and fish fries in the country keeps us busy! There's always a place for you in Sonrisers Class!


Cornerstone Class

(Ages late 30s to 50s, Couples) – Room 109/110
Join a dynamic group of people, both married and single, who alternate between studies of the Bible and studies that help us apply biblical principles in fulfilling our many roles as parents, employees, caregivers, and spouses. The class supports Rio Bravo and UM Neighborhood Centers.

Emmaus Class

(Ages 40s to 50s) – Room 106
A great place to be if you are either married or single, the Emmaus Class engages in-depth discussions of how to apply Biblical teachings in the everyday life. They support St. John's Soup Kitchen, First Works, adopting a family at Christmas, as well as other church mission programs. They enjoy socializing at tailgate parties, a Christmas party, guys night out every month, monthly lunch after church, and more.

Covenant Class

(Ages 20s to early 30s, Couples and Singles) - Room 19
This class will explore how we as Christians can best serve God through our families, our relationships and our jobs by using short-term Bible studies and the weekly sermon texts. Led by Ben Morton, this group is made up by young parents, young couples, working professionals and singles in their 30's.

Wesley Class

(Ages 30s to 40s, Couples) - Room 101A
Comprised of married couples with children ranging in age from newborn to high school, this class will give you tools on how to live as a Christian in today’s world. Led by David Dufour, this class incorporates video studies and is active in missions with Rio Bravo, helping families in need, Thanksgiving rolls fund raiser and also enjoys a social life together by going bowling, hosting Halloween and Christmas parties, hay rides, girls' nights out and swimming parties.


(Ages 20s to early 30s, Couples and Singles) - Room 1B
Located behind the front desk in the Narthex, this class of college/grad students, young professionals, singles, and married couples gather weekly to study and learn about God, the church, our mission within the world as young adults. Cole Bodkin leads this class.



(Birth - Age 3) Rooms 6 + 8

Our nursery is available on Sunday mornings to provide care for your children during Sunday school and worship.  Check in at nursery rooms.  Click here to visit our Nursery page.

Preschool Sunday School

(Ages 2 – 4 Potty Trained) – Rooms 23 + 25
Lessons each week begin to introduce God's Word in a loving environment.

Come to the Garden Lobby for children's check in stations.

Kids Sunday School

(Grades K-5) - Grade level signs above the doors.

Each week, kids and their leaders gather together to explore their Bibles, enjoy fun activities, pray and grow in faith.  Sunday school centers on giving students a first impression of their loving heavenly Father and follows a four–part sequence:

  • Gather
  • Open the Bible
  • Activate Faith
  • Send

Come to the Garden Lobby for children's check in stations.  Click here to visit our Children's page.


Middle School

7th-8th Grade
Meets in Room 204/205.

Senior High Girls

(9th-12th Grade)
Meets in Room 208/209.

*All 200-level classrooms are located in the Youth Center
For more information, please contact the church office at (901) 853-8383.


Loving Hearts

(Ages 13 and older) - Mission Center
If you have a family member who is 13 years old or older who has a special need, this class is designed for them. Our church has a team of caring brothers and sisters who are called for this ministry and would love to have your loved one join them. Meets in the Mission Center.