the purpose

The Master's Plan...Bridging Today and Tomorrow.

Brings to the forefront the building needs of our growing church and community. By offering additional facilities and facility upgrades for all ages, we are able to expand our ministries and our mission, To Know Christ and to Make Him Known, for our church family and those in our community that are seeking a church family.


On January 14, 2014, the facility planning committee began work on analyzing and developing the wants and needs for Collierville United Methodist Church’s next facility update. Under the original 2007 Master’s Plan the construction of the Ministry Building was completed as Phase 1 and now we are working on Phase 2. In accordance with the Master’s Plan the next priorities are the upgrading of the children’s area, enhancement of the contemporary service (gymnasium) and build-out of the second floor of the Ministry Building.

In September of 2014, after interviewing several local architectural firms, Fleming Architects was chosen as the company to assist us in our next capital project. FA began their work by interviewing numerous staff and committee members to further define and insure we are on the correct path with our Master’s Plan. The next task was the development of various design scenarios by FA showing the committee options in response to the current needs and wants of the church to insure they were in parallel with the Master’s Plan priorities.

In April of 2015 FA presented a detailed plan along with estimated costs defining the road ahead in the construction of the various areas through even the creation of a new Education Building and Contemporary Service Facility; however, the focus of the current planning program is the upgrading of the children’s area, enhancement of the contemporary service (gymnasium) and build-out of the second floor of the Ministry Building.

In June of 2015 the program was put on hold for a short period due to the arrival of a new pastoral staff. Once they got their feet grounded with the current operations they were able to focus on the physical needs of the church facility and requested that the facility planning committee get back on track with defining the short term requirements and costs for upgrading the current facility.

We are now to the point where we are ready to define and request funding for the next phase of our Mater’s Plan. The following will help define scope of work and provide estimated cost for each component we are requesting funds.



The church is looking at beginning the second phase of the Master Plan.  There are several smaller projects that make up the entire scope for Phase 2.  Attached you will find the areas being considered.  The Administrative Board will be voting on the first three steps of this project on January 24th.  The last three steps shown here are additional items that have been identified that need to be included in the total project.

The first three steps (2A,2B,2C) have been reviewed and approved by Board of Trustees and Finance.  This makes up approximately $2.2 million of the project.

The second three steps (2D,2E,2F) have been reviewed and approved by Finance and is pending approval from Board of Trustees on February 11th.  Represents approximately an additional $270,000.


  • Phase 2A – Renovation of Children’s Area $1,000,000
  • Phase 2B – Widening of the North-South Corridor $575,000
  • Phase 2C – Completion of the Second Floor Ministry Building $656,000
  • Phase 2D – Enhancement of the Contemporary Service $144,000
  • Phase 2E – Replace 90 ton HVAC in Sanctuary $75,000
  • Phase 2F – New Sanctuary Projects $50,000

Grand Total Phases 2A thru 2F $2,500,000

Note: These budgets are order of magnitude only are not based upon actual Construction take-offs. These numbers will change as more information is known once the project proceeds.