We are group of Collierville UMC men and women serving our neighbors who are in need of small repairs in and around their homes. We will use our special talents to help neighbors in need: a single mom, an elderly couple, a person who has a special need, a neighbor who lacks financial resources, experiencing medical issues, etc.

General types of services available include but are not limited to:

  • Minor electrical work
  • Minor plumbing problems
  • Minor carpentry needs
  • General maintenance
  • Air filter change
  • Light bulb replacement
  • Floor repair
  • Toilet repair,
  • Lifting/changing items
  • Minor painting
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Yard work, etc.

We also build ramps. There is no charge for the work and most jobs can be scheduled within a couple days. If we can, we will fix it…if not, we generally know folks who can.

Team members:

Danny Barnwell, Ed Berry, Steve Blaser, Ron Brewer, Joe Brock, Craig Clark, Richard Davenport, Steve Hauck, Paul Hisky, David Hoal, Paul Junkins, John Kavicky, Steve Lawrence, Dale Marksberry, Bob Moore, Ed Quintin, Wayne Richmond, Oscar Riess, Richard Rochester, Bobby Smith, Amanda Thomas, Ed Tonahill, Scott Tucker, Ron Walker, John Winchell, Jamie Yanes, Evan Yanes, David Young.

Contact Mike Ware, (901) 828-8939 or call the church office (901) 853-8383 and leave your request with them.