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Communications Request

This form is to be used for all communication requests for our Wednesday e-mail and Sunday Welcome Guide. Please note deadlines for submitting information for announcements.

  • Weekly e-mail and Sunday Welcome Guide announcements: Must be submitted on the Monday by 2:00 pm the week of the announcement.
  • Online registrations: Must be submitted one week prior to when you want the registration form posted online.

Contact Info

Who can Collierville UMC Communications contact with questions about your communications request?

Event or Announcement Information

Provide a brief description for for you event or announcement, i.e. UMW Christmas Party or Camp WinShape
What do you want to say about your announcement? It is important to list who it is for, what the event is, where it is located, when it takes place, and the purpose of the event. Additional questions are below.
Event based announcement: You are asking people to come to an event. Specific variables may include event dates, times, cost, etc. This is the most common type of announcement. Informational: This type of announcement is generally for awareness. Examples would be Monthly Communion Offering or Daylight Savings Time Begins.
Note: All requests for the weekly e-mail and Sunday Welcome Guide must be submitted on Monday by 2:00 pm. If you need online registrations forms added to our church website or Planning Center, please complete this form at least one week prior to when you want it posted online.